The Phil takes pride in its standing as a non-auditioned community choir – this means, we welcome those who wish to participate in the joyful experience of singing in harmony with others. While no previous singing experience or any technical knowledge of music is required, you will however be asked to sing (mostly note matching against a keyboard) on the first day of joining. This exercise will enable our Music Director to recognise your voice and thereafter place you in the appropriate voice group. Placement in the right voice grouping is essential for your voice health.  

As an organisation that equitably promotes the arts, the Society’s only stringent entry requirement on its members, young and old alike, is that they have a love for the arts and are committed to the rehearsal schedule which starts on a once a week basis but will gather frequency as performance dates approach.

There are 3 types of fees: 

1)  Membership Fees: To join the society, you have a choice of paying an Annual Membership Fee or Lifetime Membership Fees. 
Annual Membership Life Membership
Individual Membership Fee at RM30/pa Life membership is RM300
Joint Membership Fee (Husband+Wife) at RM45/pa  Joint-Life membership is RM450
These fees are payable regardless of when you join during the year. It is due every 1st January and valid until 31st December of the same year. This fee is payable only once.

2) Joining Fee: For first time joiners/lapsed members only, there is a joining fee of RM20. 
(Lapsed members are those ordinary members who have not renewed their annual membership within the specified due date for renewal.)

3) Choir Fees: For those intending to join the weekly choir session, there is a nominal Choir Fee. Registration is by payment of Choir Fees by the stipulated deadlines which will be advised from time to time.

Members may choose to be a Performing OR Non-Performing/Social Member of The Choir:

Non-Performing/Social Members
If you choose to be a Non-/Social Member, you are free to attend all rehearsals but no attendance will be taken. However, you will not be able to perform for any major production / show (even if you have deemed to have learnt all the songs, attended all rehearsals, etc). If you wish to be part of a production, you are most welcomed in a non-performing capacity; i.e. backstage / front of house roles.

Performing Members
Those who choose to be Performing Member will be subjected to the minimum Rehearsal Attendance policy to be able to perform. For those who are performing, please note that leading up to performances, there will be additional rehearsals and full day rehearsals on weekends. This will normally be held on Wednesday evenings at the same venue. For those taking part in the performance, it is expected that they attend almost all these rehearsals (please refer to the Minimum Attendance Policy) in preparation. To help you decide, a yearly rehearsal schedule is given out at the beginning of each calendar year.

Payment Policies and Information: Membership Fees and Choir fees are due in full, even if you decide not to take part in the activities, drop out of the choir or not take part in a performance.

Need-Based Financial Assistance: If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, please approach our Vice-Chairperson, Chuen Seng Yung: +60123246013, or Honorary Treasurer, Wah Goon Moy: +6016-9531860, .

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are no plans for recruitment of new members for the foreseeable future. But do stay tuned to our social media pages for announcements on intakes.
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